I never promised you a (knit-and-felted) rose garden

So, ok. I’m realizing that it’s probably better if I just go ahead and blog than “not blog because I’ll just blog about the baby.”

If I don’t write about what’s happening here day to day, I’ll not end up blogging at all. And that’s just Boring!
Here’s what’s going on:


I’m writing up the patterns for two garments for SWTC. This is my main project at the moment, and I snatch time for it when my mom can come over and hold Mazie. She’s not sleeping all day any more, so she needs to be entertained, and Grandma is happy to do that! My vision is to have these done by Monday.

I’ve also picked up my Sanpoku again.

I have a few minutes every night at like 10 to work on it. It’s great for zoning out and getting ready for the night time wake-ups. I’m not sure when I’ll finish this. My LYS isn’t carrying my colorway (Olive 9781), and I ran out of yarn! (Not because of the yardage listed in the pattern.) I’m subbing Comfort, and it’s hanked up differently. The pattern calls for 11 or 12 hanks, and the called-for yarn (Touche) is in small hanks, while the Comfort is in big balls (I’ll get some interesting spam for using that phrase)…and I lazily guessed at how many yards I’d need total.

Should have taken the .5 seconds to do the math and bought what I needed at the time. I ordered more yarn, so whenever that gets here I can finish it. I’ve finished two sleeves, and may have enough for the back, which is on the needles now.

I also finished this sweater:


It’s a size 2T and is a trade, going to a woman on the diaper-sewing board that I read. She’s making me a few diapers in exchange. Knit from Malabrigo worsted in “Midnight Blue.”

Do you like it? We made the buttons, too.

Here’s the back:
Tasha (back)

**See the lighter stripe at the bottom? Be a better knitter than me and alternate your hanks!**

In other news, we just had a stay-at-home day. I was going to campus, but we just weren’t able to get everyone ready (me, mom, Mazie) so we didn’t make it. Tomorrow.

My Mom and Mazie:
Mom and Mazie

Mazie in the sun

Mazie in her new shades:


We went for a walk to the coffee shop yesterday, with Mazie in her front-facing carrier. She really enjoyed getting out.


Yesterday was my sister’s last day here, and it’s sad and lonely without her. I’m so glad that she got to meet Mazie, and that they like each other so much!

I hope we see you again soon, Tonya!

WoooOOOOooOOo HOOoooOOoooOooo!!

I sent off the last garments, last patterns, and the whole MANUSCRIPT for Glam Knits last week!!

I sent the last pages on Friday. Both that camel tweed sweater from the author photo of Fitted Knits and the blue scarf I posted about here are in the new book, so if you’ve been wondering what happened to those…there they are.

Now there are two patterns on the TO DO list to write up for SWTC, and I’m done will all of my current projects.

I’ve got the garments on the mannequins, so they’re staring me in the face…FINISH US! (I AM!!!)

Me after not much sleep…no makeup in pajamas:
Computing in the peanut shell

Today, Mazie and I have been hanging out while Nate took a little nap. We’ve had a few sleepless nights in the last 6 weeks, believe it or not, and we’re both trying to make up the deficit this weekend. Mazie’s sleeping in her Peanut Shell (her baby carrier pouch thing) while I work on the computer…we’ve had a really nice day together.

Aunt Tonnie

My sister’s here from Boulder to see her new niece. We celebrated Tonya’s visit and the finishing of the book by all going out to eat on Friday night. We took little Mazie with us, and she did great. As long as we change her diaper, tank her up on milk, and drive a few blocks to get where we’re going, she sleeps right through dinner. Not that we don’t love her company when she’s awake, but she’s just starting to outgrow the phase where if she’s awake she’s hungry (and either crying to let you know or eating because she *already* cried.) So it’s good when she can get through a whole meal! Last night, Grandma baby sat so we could go see a film.

lounging on the couch

Sunflower Knitting Guild: Knitting in the Heartland


I’ve been invited to be the Featured Artist and Instructor at Knitting in the Heartland this year!! (Past featured artists include Nicky Epstein and Lucy Neatby!) It is an AMAZING honor to be invited to do this!

I’ll be teaching four classes:

1. Knitting flat patterns in the round
2. Ribbed lace tank from “Fitted Knits”
3. Airy Wrap from “Fitted Knits”
4. Techniques from “Fitted Knits”

The convention is being held Saturday, April 5 & Sunday, April 6, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel in Lexena, KS (a suburb of Kansas City.)

Registration is currently open, here is a link to the registration form and brochure. (pdf)

2008 Best of Interweave Knits: vote!

What an amazing honor!!


My cabeldown raglan pattern from the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits is up for the 2008 Readers’ Choice award!


To quote the site:

“Last winter, to celebrate the publication of our editor’s choice collection, The Best of Interweave Knits, we asked you, our readers, to nominate YOUR favorite Knits patterns. We received thousands of nominations, and we are now proud to announce Your Top Ten Readers’ Choice Award Finalists:”

Click the screenshot to vote for YOUR favorite!


Thank you so much to all of you who nominated my design for this award! It’s an amazing honor, and I’m so touched.