cloth diaper

Here’s Mazie in one of her cloth diapers and a pair of mittens that her grandma Linda (my mom) knit for her.

She’s doing so well with her cloth diapers! It’s really easy to keep up with wawshing them, and my husband even finds them easy to maneuver. So we’ll keep it up! :)

Life with Mazie is just great. She’s nocturnal, she’s a good eater, good sleeper…just like her Mom and Dad.

We’re finishing up a BIG project over here chez Glam, and then after this weekend blog posting SHOULD go back to normal. (Cross your fingers) including un-censored, flagrant, and frequent actual knitting content.

I’ve got a bunch of that Organic Cotton from Elann that I’m dreaming of making something out of…

Sensual Knits

I’ve just received my copy of Sensual Knits from Yahaira, and can’t wait to dig into that, too!!

Mazie's Home!

Mazie surprised us early Friday morning, telling us she was ready to meet us a little early!

I had been feeling sort of crampy and not-quite-normal starting on Wednesday, but by the time Nathan’s alarm clock went off on Friday, my water had broken and we were on the way out the door to the hospital.

She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz at birth, and was 20 and 3/4 inches long.

Here we are in the hospital:

mom and mazie

There are a few more pictures in the set, if you click on that one.

We’re home now, and everyone’s doing great!

Checking in!

me 01-05-08

We had out last regular appointment with our midwife on Friday. The baby will be born a week from Monday (the 14th), can you believe it?

She’s predicted to weigh in at about 8.5 to 9 pounds! All of her measurements are in at least the 85th percentile, size-wise, with her head in the 97th percentile!

All in all, it’s been a very strange physical experience. I never did get over my morning sickness. I *still* throw up about 2 or 3 times a week, and even more often lately, as there gets to be even less room in there. I’m also completely swollen! My hands, mostly, which makes knitting kind of hurt, but also my face and my feet. They’ve checked for high blood pressure, but everything is within the “normal” range, so it’s nothing they’ll do anything about…just one of those things.

Now that school’s out for the semester, I’ve also just given up on trying to wear non-pajamas! I’ve got a bunch of yoga pants and solid-color PJ bottoms that have become staples, along with dresses over leggings. And…thank God for Crocs. I NEVER pictured myself as a croc-wearer…but they have saved my LIFE. They’ve been the only shoes that have enough support AND cushion for me to wear them to walk around in. The Birkenstocks have great support, but no cushion. I’ve gained almost 45 pounds! I’ve reached a weight that I NEVER thought I’d see. My poor skinny feet are just not used to this!

SO…it’s been tough, bodies are weird and amazing things. But it’s definitely something I’d do again. When I feel the baby move and respond to my voice…it’s all worth it.

At the same time…I’m glad the birth is “scheduled,” because I don’t know if I could deal with this baby coming any later than 9 days from now!!