It's cloudy AGAIN!

Today’s my day off, and I’m getting ready to get up and do some stuff. We have so many people coming to town for the shower (exciting!) and I need to get our house cleaned up! My kitchen shelves are a mess. I have an organizational system that works for us. Basically, put everything on the shelves in any old way and we’ll find it. But I don’t want OTHER people to see it!

So, today Mom and I will go through and try to organize some in there. I also really want to clean the tops of the cupboards and even the insides of the cupboards.

(This is having visitors PLUS pregnancy nesting gone into overdrive.)

Still to do:

Vacuum and or sweep everywhere
mop tile floors
organize the bedroom closet
wash all the diapers to prep for babywearing
clean bathroom
decorate tree
put away laundry
yard (that encompasses a lot, but it’s Nate’s job!)

That’s about it. I think by the end of this weekend I’ll be feeling pretty comfortable with how the place looks. I’m sure there’ll be some stuff to do next week.

We had a midwife appointment on Tuesday, and the baby’s at 4.5 lbs. If she gains a half pound a week…that’s another 3 pounds. SO feeling good about her size and growth and all that. We got a glimpse of her little face on the ultrasound. It’s all black and white, and we had to use our imaginations. But when I spoke, we could see her move as she responded to my voice. It was really cool. She already has chubby cheeks!

I’ve gained about 30 pounds so far. I’ve crossed a weight threshold that I never in my life dreamed that I would even NEAR. I know it’s all fine, it’s baby weight, etc…still sort of strange to think, “I weigh HOW much?” I won’t bother you with the specifics…(lol.)

I was hired to teach again next semester, which is nice. I start March 1, so we have another professor teaching that first month and a half, then I take over. I’m really happy to have this experience, and so glad that they’ve asked me back!

Trying to think if there’s anything else going on of major significance, but I think that’s about it. There’s always little stuff in the background. Ongoing projects, things in the works.

We’re “on pause” for now with the cat stuff. She isn’t showing any symptoms, is really active and happy, so I think we’ll just see how it goes. That one vet was the first time we’d heard anything about a heart problem, after annual checkups all these years. When it’s time for her next annual, we’ll go to a different doctor. Unless something comes up, then we’ll go if we need to.

We're back.

I haven’t yet braved the gmail inbox, thought I’d check in here and write a little update first. We had a very nice Thanksgiving-Christmas at the Japels’. All of Nate’s brothers were there, and so were the sisters in law and the nephews and niece. Good family fun! I FINALLY won a game of 31. My first win in 14 years!! (It’s a card game that an infinite number of people can play, games last for HOURS…so the one who wins is the winner of the NIGHT!) WOo!

Here’s the sweater I knit for Olin (our newest nephew):

It’s just a simple Top Down Raglan with cables on it. Woolease Chunky. Wash and wear for the baby boy!

I didn’t get photos of the hat and scarf I made, but they were both well received, I think. Alex (our oldest nephew) was still wearing the cap that I made for him about 5 years ago…so he was glad to have a replacement!

I also made Olin a couple of little toys:

These are just polar fleece, free-hand cut outs stitched and stuffed with fiber-fill (also machine wash / dry).

AND…here’s me at about 34 weeks:

B.I.G. but happy!

I’ve kind of fallen off in my blogging lately, and I was just trying to figure out why. Partly it’s just because time is going so FAST. I blink my eyes and two weeks have gone by. The other part of it is something like the preciousness of being pregnant has me feeling sort of private about it. It’s bizarre, because I usually just lay it all out there (here.) I don’t know. Maybe that’s not even “it.” I find myself just holing up with my thoughts. Doing little crafts, sewing and knitting and daydreaming.

I’ve been feeling really well, the morning sickness is down to 1 -2 mornings a week. I’m not achey, not swollen, definitely TIRED, spacey, daydreamy.

I’m looking forward tot eh baby shower (Dec. 8.) Family and friends coming together from LONG ways off (Phoenix, Denver, Omaha, Sioux City, Albuquerque) to celebrate with us. I’m frantically trying to get the house ready and make sure things are tidy and trying to stash all my projects. I kinda let myself spread out when it’s just the two of us…the whole house is the craft room.


Thanksgiving Break!

We leave at 4 to go to Sioux City for Thanksgiving-Mas! (We’re having our Xmas with them this week).

I ended up making a hat and scarf set, a baby sweater, and some toys for my end of the gift exchanges…I’ll post pics after we trade! :)

Thanks so much for your really kind comments and suggestions about the vet situation. Someone even gave me the phone number of a different vet to try! THANK YOU!

I’m not planning to take my lap top with me on this trip…just too heavy and too much junk by my feet on the plane while I’m this big! I’ll get back on the internets on Sunday!


ETA: I just checked the weather! It’s in the 30s and cloudy in Sioux City all week! It’s 77 here…sunny. Wow.

what's new…

Well, it’s Thursday, which has become my “catch up” day.

I’ve started several posts over the last few days, there’s a lot going on.

My cat Medea is apparently having some problems…though she has no symptoms. We just went in to have her teeth cleaned, and suddenly the vet we see wants all sorts of tests (like an EKG every two weeks forever, and human heart medication twice a day forever)

When the vet was telling me all this stuff we’d need to do, I sort of balked at having to go in for the EKGs twice a month…and she said, “Well, if you’re THAT BROKE you can probably come in once a month” I was just imagining carrying an infant seat, my purse, the diaper bag, AND a cat carrier into her office…

Medea’s 15, she’s been SUCH a good friend and I love her. I would do anything for her. The whole “if you’re broke” thing makes me feel like there’s something other than the cat’s best interest at heart with this vet. So…trying to find another good vet who can do some tests and see what’s really going on.

Another thing that’s sort of a pain in the ass is that we were just given a new washer and dryer by my parents…and the house we’re renting apparently isn’t wired for 220 to run the dryer. The listing said it had both washer and dryer hookups…but the line’s been cut. SO we’re trying to get the landlord to come through on that. They don’t like to spend money.

I’ve also been having some bronchial issues. I think it’s because winter is roadwork season here and there’s so much smoke and dust and tar and diesel exhaust in the air…it’s just burning. I had to stay home from school a couple days last week, and that SUCKED. I *hate* falling behind!

I have all next week off, and Tuesday we go to Sioux City. I think I’m about done with my Christmas gifts, at least for this Thanksgiving / early Christmas next week.

I’m feeling more and more like the house is ready for the new baby. After this week, we only have about 7 more weeks!!