Ten Little Fattycakes open

A few more diapers…these are all size “small.” Some are considered “all in ones”, some are just “fitteds.” The fabrics are “Minky” chenille, polar fleece, PUL, bamboo velour, and all have terry cloth for the inners.

I didn’t use the serger on these, because I can’t quite figure it out. The sewing shop offers some free classes that I need to take. THEN I’ll get serging!

Yesterday, Nate, Mom, and I totally cleaned out the garage. We’re getting a new washer/dryer (for all the baby clothes) and the dryer has to go in the garage. So we took EVERYTHING out and reorganized and put it all back in. We can actually walk in there now! And there’s plenty of room for the dryer. We did it all in under 3 hours! It still amazes me. It was a total sitcom garage, where you open the door and all the boxes fall out.

It feels great to get rid of half a garage full of junk! The next thing is to get the baby’s room organized. I’m planning to start that next weekend.


Being behind in everything is an awful feeling, so deadlines have been moved and things rearranged to make (almost) everyone happy. And I am SO relieved. It’s weird how sometimes when you’re in it, you can’t see the easiest solution!

it's my birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

I got a SERGER!!

My mom’s over at my house today, and we’re going to run some errands and then work on diaper-sewing.

Thanks for the encouraging comments…I was especially down yesterday because I missed a big deadline and let a lot of really great people down and was/am totally beating myself up for it.

All in all, life is good, but there are a few glitches here and there…

Still here…

Just TIRED. (This post is a total rant, so feel free to skip it.)

I’m happy to be pregnant, I LOVE that I’m pregnant, but I AM SO TIRED!!

I’m starting to think that the people who say the 2nd trimester gets easier are just lying.

I’m either behind in or have completely effed up every single thing that’s going on in my life right now. It’s all I can do to get out of bed and find clothes that still fit, get to the office, and try to do the very basic daily things.

This morning as I was preparing for class, I spilled a whole drink right down the front of my white shirt. Yesterday it was a whole cup of decaf in the lap.

If you see me, cross the street…I’m like a whirlwind of bad luck, clumsiness, irritability, and, (I hate to admit it, but it’s true…) B.O.. No matter how much deodorant, or how many showers, these hormones are noxious. Sad. But true.

Where I used to be able to work an 8-5 day, come home and work another good 4 or 5 hours…I’m lucky if I even make it to 5 without a nap. Then when I get home, I take a nap, get up to eat, and go back to bed.

For someone who had a full-time job, wrote a book, moved across the country, started another job without missing a beat…this is incredibly humiliating!

It really makes me feel like crap to start every conversation with, “I’m SO SORRY!”

SO…my book’s being pushed back, I went from full time down to 1/3 time, and hopefully that’ll help. Now, I just need my family to agree to a “no more illness” policy, I need to get over this morning sickness (yes, at 23 weeks I’m still throwing up every morning!), and I somehow need to get MORE sleep.

Tomorrow I have a WHOLE DAY OFF. Well, a whole day to catch up on email, mail packages, and generally start about 100 conversations with, “I’m SO SORRY!”

Is it fall where you live?

Here in Southern NM, it’s starting to cool down. I think it was about 68 last night, but it was still in the high 80s all day.

I’m ready for it to be fall. Every year when school starts, it feels like it should be sweater weather already. Growing up in Iowa, we’d have to wait a few weeks for REAL fall weather, but by the time mid-September rolled around, it was usually sweater-weather in the evenings. And then living in the Northeast NY, MD, same thing, except fall lasted a LOT longer and the winters were milder.

Here in the waaaaaaay Southwest, though…we have LooooooooOOOooOooong summers. I LOVE the sunshine, and I really do even enjoy the heat. For about 3-4 months…and now I’m ready for it to cool the f*** down already! I’m getting BIG, I’m walking funny (the waddle) and I’m TOO HOT.

In preparation for cooler weather, I started working on this shrug-sweater-thing out of some gorgeous Neighborhood Fiber Co. Merino. It’s gonna have long sleeves, super-extendo-ribbing, and actually close in the front. This is what I work on at SnB on Wednesdays, so I get a few inches done every week. My rate of project-completion has gone waaaaaaay down since this pregnancy has set in. I’m so tired. In a good way, but tired.

The ultrasound yesterday was really neat.
This clinic we went to has a much more high-tech machine than they do at our reglar clinic. (This was a level-2 ultrasound that they do on high-risk people.) We saw her little arms and legs, hands and feet, head, heart, stomach, kidneys, brain, ribs, spine…everything.

She was wiggling around and moving her legs and arms a LOT. When we first saw her, she was lying with her arms in the same position that I was lying in on the table!

Both the technician and the attending physician remarked on how much she was moving and called her a “wiggle worm.” (And said again that all that movement is great to see and is a great sign.)

She just woke up and I can feel her moving around now, too. She’s not doing the big Karate (or Kar-a-tay) kicks yet, but I can feel her moving and dancing around. So, we got some of the ultrasound photos, and I put them in her scrapbook…but except for the first one, they’re kind of a mystery. The one that says “face” is the one that I’m particularly ignoring.

It’s really cute to compare the first batch where she was like a gummi bear with a tail to the second batch where we can see her long legs and even a foot! She’s sure growing and I’m so relieved to have gotten to see her and know that she’s doing well.

We go back in 4 weeks for another of these, because her position in my belly was such that they weren’t able to see the outflow “tubes,” for lack of better word, from her heart well enough. Her back was facing forward, head down. So we’ll see her again soon!

(I’ll add pics today, but wanted to post the update to the quickie from yesterday!)