Maternity top finished

Hello! After a few days’ bed rest (for the flu that wouldn’t die) actually mandated by our midwife. I’m feeling better, typing no longer makes me seasick, and I can actually eat FOOD and drink DRINKS! (Other than crackers and saltines.)

I don’t know how this sickness happened, or how it settled in for so long! I felt like hell on Tuesday, Wenesday, and went back to work on Thursday…then Fri – yesterday were a MESS. Today was still really slow, but not AS bad, so I finished knitting my maternity top in between naps.

The basic concepts that went into it are:

1) I know myself better than to think I’ll feel like knitting myself very many sweaters that I’ll only be able to use for a short time. If I DO knit myself something while I’m pregnant, it has to last the whole time, and even after the baby comes. I’m not about to spend a week on something I’ll only wear for a week! (Longevity)

2) I’ve heard that a pregnant body temp is a lot higher than normal…so I want something that I can adjust the warmth of…by opening buttons or something along those lines. (Adjustable temperature)

3) The size should be pretty much self-adjusting. I want to get a lot of use out of this, but I don’t want to have to do any reworking of the sweater at later stages…it should just grow on its own. (Adjustable size)

4) Since I’m not making myself a ton of new maternity sweaters, what I DO make I want to be able to wear with a lot of stuff. (Versatility)

5) This should be something I don’t have to think too much about while I’m knitting (baby brain) so that in case I somehow lose track of where I’m at in the pattern, it’s either really east to figure out OR just doesn’t really make much difference because it’ll turn out fine anyway. (Not very complex…but looks sophisticated)

6) Easy care / multiple season use. I chose a cotton/rayon blend with lots of bounce. Should be washable and not need to be treated too preciously. Also, it’s 5 sts / inch on US8s (5mm), so very easy to sub yarn, use other fiber content, etc.

SO…it’s kinda plain, but I definitely think it’s versatile and I really hope that my construction idea holds up to the other points above.

It’s going to be really easy to customize, by either adding a stitch pattern (it’s stockinette) or lengthening the sleeves or making the whole body longer, adding shaping, etc. It took about 3 or 4 days of knitting to finish.

Anyway, sorry for the “no photos,” it’s got ends that need weaving and buttons to attach…then I’ll show you the FO.

OK, back to bed because tomorrow is back to the office!

maternity clothes

maternity sweater

I’ve been looking around at maternity clothes, and I have to say…I’m having a hard time finding anything. Jeans or otherwise.

The problems are:

1) The butt of maternity jeans is really distressing. The pockets are way too small, or they somehow really have a funny cut that flattens and enlarges.

2) They’re all to short.

3) The washes are ridiculous or they’re bedazzled.

I finally found a couple of pairs at Ross for like $15, they fit passably well, they’re long enough, they’re straight leg…but they washes are hideous. SO one task for tonight is to dye them indigo. (WML)

maternity sweater preview

I started working on a maternity jacket/sweater. It’s going to be something I can wear now, and that will grow with my belly so that I can wear it later, too.

Karida's Saartje's Booties!!

Hey Cutie!

Aaw!! Look what Karida sent me!! I’ve got the Saatrje’s booties pattern downloaded onto my computer, but haven’t made them yet…and LOOK! She read my mind and made them FOR me!!

These are soooOOooo sweet!!

OK, I almost hit “publish” without really writing much or giving any updates…

SO. Here’s what’s new. I found out on Friday that I’ll be teaching an intro astronomy class this fall. I’m reading the textbook, planning lectures and reading labs. That’s going to be really fun, I think. I’ve never had an astronomy class with a lab before. Lots of chances to demonstrate principles with real life situations. I love labs.

The next big thing is that the final final FINAL deadline for my next knitting book is October 1. (That’s also my mom’s birthday, coincidentally.)

SO…while everything is going super-smooth so far, and I’m getting my steam back after the first trimester, I’m still feeling that little twinge of recognition that I *might* have a busy next couple of months.

I’m finally starting to look pregnant and not just chunky-in-the-exact-front-of-my-belly. SO…maybe I’ll post a belly photo one of these days. I just want it to be more obvious that it’s a baby. Even though I’m still not *quite* sure I look pregnant, it’s been so hot here I’ve been wearing men’s A-shirts as shirts(those ribbed undershirts) all the time. I’ve found myself sort of making a point to hold my belly and pat it in public, so people will think, “oh, it’s a baby.” and not, “She should NOT be wearing that!” I pat it pretty much all the time any way. (So excited!)

We’ve started having rainy season, so it cools down at night and we get really nice thunder and lightning storms. But it leaves the daytime really humid. You’d think I’d be used to it coming from Iowa, but no. I’m declimatized toward humidity. AND…we have a swamp cooler so to use it is to ADD humidity. So. We bought blackout curtains and installed those in all the windows and sliding doors on the NorthEast side of the house. It seems to be helping.

….And, now that I’m talking about curtains, I think that’s all the news worth reporting!

OH! here are a bunch more Saartje’s Booties photos.

New Computer

Having a new computer is so invigorating. Starting it for the first time, knowing it’s virus-free, choosing the desktop image, setting the settings, deleting Explorer and installing Firefox with the “pimpzilla” skin…

It almost makes me glad to be home with the flu today. I was up on my way to the toilette when I heard the knock at the door. “oh great” quickly turned into “YAY!!” when I saw the box.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had my OWN laptop. Not one bought “for school” or “by work” or for any other purpose than just being MINE. The last time I had my whole own computer was probably 1995.

SO. Between naps, I’m getting it all loaded up with programs and transferring files. I love it. So far, I really love it.

PS: doesn’t flu in summer just feel like a ripoff? What in the heck are flu germs doing out and about in the SUMMER?!

Mailbag Thursday!!

fiber oasis set

Well, well, well. Very pretty things in today’s mailbag. (I say as if we always do mailbag on Thursday.)

These are yarns hand dyed by a friend that I met in Albuquerque when I was at Village Wools for that book signing.

They’re 50% Merino, 50% Kid Mohair. I’m afraid my photos don’t do them justice. I’m in the office and it’s a little dark in here today. I’ll try for better shots when I swatch!

Ashley has a site that WILL go here, but for now…she has an Etsy shop chock full of pretty things!

Did you see the earrings! They’re sparkly-yarn wrapped beads and will look great with my new haircut!!

fiber oasis earrings