I took some photos today of some weird crochet-like projects I’ve been doing. I’ve found that crochet (at least the kind I’m doing) is something I can do while I’m lying down trying not to throw up…unlike reading which induces a sort of carsick feeling.

I’m sort of mentally blocked and I keep thinking that I just need to play with yarn for a while and the gears in my mind will unstick. So a few baby projects have found their way into Hugo’s closet. The top one is all alpaca (various brands) and the bottom one is various Merino wools. I think I want to add more to the bottom one, it’s pretty small.


When Tonya was here after her graduation, she taught me how to crochet. My sister’s a really good teacher. She’s like me in that she’ll look and say, “oh yeah, that’s fine” if I feel weird about something. She’ll just say, “do it however you want, it looks great!” And I like to do things however I want, so it’s perfect for me to learn from her.

Since she had to eventually go back home, I’ve been using:
Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting and Not Your Mama’s Crochet(by my friends Cecily and Kim and Amy, respectively.) So, I’ve managed to go from the totally freeform amoeba blanket at top to this fairly square one.


(Buffy DVD for scale.) I learned to turn corners! Next I want to try something with a stitch pattern. I’m thinking maybe I’ll granny-along, or do shells. Something not TOO hard or brain-using. AND…YES that rug that the blankies are lying on IS crochet, but I BOUGHT it. BEFORE I thought crochet was something I’d ever be able to do.

Sometimes when I want to start doing something new, I’ll buy one of whatever it is and see how it’s done up close…then try it. I have a hard time learning from books.

Oh my Gosh! I am so hungry for a meatball sub right now. (in re: nothing.) When I do feel like eating, I *MUST* have whatever it is that tripped the hunger pang.

I’ve been checking websites of various restaurants in town to see who has one…and unfortunately it looks like Quiznos or Subway for me. (we’ve talked before about how Las Cruces businesses are not really web-focused…and I don’t wanna drive around all day looking for a sandwich!)

I just woke up from a nap in which I was starving and really angry at everyone. And nobody else was hungry! Nobody would go with me to get a pizza! What the heck is wrong with you guys that nobody wants to go EAT!?

So I woke up and asked Nate to go with me for meatball subs in real life, and he said yes. (WHEW!) So he’s in the shower and I have a few minutes.

LATER: We’re back and have also gone to the bookstore, the grocery, AND watered the plants. Look at this!


Teeny slippers!

Tonight was knitting night.


I finished a pair of baby booties from Zoe Mellor’s 50 baby bootees to knit.

They’re the “slip ons” pattern from page 117. This book has some really cute, really over the top things. These are the most simple ones, and for some reason they’re the ones that appealed most to me this evening.

Because I know myself well enough to know that if I wait till tomorrow to take a daylight photo I’ll never do it. So I took non-flash-under-the-incandescent-bulb photos.


The yarn is Reynolds Whiskey. Color 101, which is a heathered orange-yellow. I LOVE this color. It’s happy, bright, and goes with red hair! So when I hold the baby, its feet will look good on me. (I know, cray-zeee.) Whiskey is a great all-purpose wool, and will be really warm for teeny baby feet. My due date’s January 20…so I need lots of woolens.

Physical Therapy: Update

Ok, so I went to physical therapy today…and it was all diagnosis. No exercising, no massage!

Good thing I took it so easy last week that this week I feel good. Except that when she poked my back, I didn’t have the same level of pain to describe.

I go back on Friday to get to work for real.

It looks like I have a mild scoliosis! Isn’t that a weird thing to figure out when you’re 35?! She said my spine is definitely curved, and that my hips are rotated. From the front, the left one is higher and from the back it’s the right it’s more that there’s some sort of rotation of the entire pelvis. AND one femur is longer than the other! So it might be that my back has curved to compensate for that, rather than it originating in the back.

I remember my parents noticed this thing with my hips in elementary school, but our GP didn’t think it was anything, so we all forgot about it.

I’ve never had any real issues with back pain until now, so it’s not anything to really worry about…just another weird medical thing that I’ve found out about myself in the last 1.5 years that I’m sharing with you.

She also said, “Did your mom get after you to stand up straight when you were a kid?” Apparently, there’s not ENOUGH curvature in my back now. The curve in my neck has straightened and the curve at my shoulder blades is too straight.

I know that on a daily basis this stuff never comes into my consciousness…it’s just weird to have this sort of assessment. Like a show dog.

So all this in combination with the hormones is causing this sciatica. I’ve got a wedge (5mm) to put under my butt on one side. I changed desk chairs from the cushy executive-looking one to a harder “person VISITING the executive” one.

We’ll see.

But yeah, I’m feeling better than last week!!

Annie's blog

Most you have probably already read this on her blog, but our friend Annie Modesitt and her family are going through a battle with cancer.

Annie has offered a very beautiful pattern for download on her site. Each download of the pattern will make a small donation to her husband’s health fund.

Annie is a very vivacious, upbeat, good-natured woman who has always had the time to chat with upstarts like me.

If you can spare a moment, please visit Annie’s site.

Annie's New Pattern