(short) Puffed-Sleeved Cardigan: Fitted Knits FO!

What a way to end the week.

Look at this cutie pie knit by the Knitting School Dropout:

fitted-knits-puff-sleeve  (aaaaaw!)

I love it so much when you guys send in your FO photos!!

This one is so cute, like a little cupcake. With the pink, and the red buttons…DARLING!! Melissa lengthened the sweater, and skipped the lace at the bottom. Way GO on the awesome mods!!

(Look at me, I’m all !! today!!)

I know you guys are way more blog-savvy than me, but lookie what I just found:

Veronik Avery’s Blog!!

Veronik is such a neat person. So *SO* nice and incredibly talented. (Hopefully she’ll tell us all about how she does what she does so well!) :)