Back to the HAPPY!!

Isn’t it amazing what a little sleep, some nice reviews, and a darling FO can do??

This is what I believe to be the first FO from Fitted Knits!!


Let’s start a Fitted Knits Flickr group! YEah! That’d be cool. Add any FO photos, or progress photos…or eXpecially things you’re having trouble with…we can work through it together!

(Find the link at left!!)

PS: If you’re in any Glam Knits Knitalongs…let me know and I’ll a link to the sidebar. I think it’s helpful for people to see these discussions…and I like to peek in, too, to make sure everything’s going ok with the patterns.

ALSO! Please leave your comments about the errata on the errata page, that way everyone can see them in case I’m not at the emails one day. THANKS!

0 thoughts on “Back to the HAPPY!!

  1. I’m a little confused about a message in the Errata section. I am working on the Spicy Fitted V-neck T – is there a mistake in that pattern or not? I thought it was a bit odd to have 6 stitches at one end and 7 at the other, but the increases are matching the totals listed, so I’m just going with it. I love the book! This is the first piece of shaped clothing I am attempting for myself!

  2. On the Bulky Mini Cardi: Size small sleeves (all sleeves): Don’t you need a 12 or 16 in. needle? It is difficult to knit back and forth on such a small circumference. Am I missing something? Looking forward to knitting all patterns.

  3. Yay flickr group, yay KAL!

    I have errata to share, but I couldn’t find a comment link on the Book Errata page, FYI…

  4. OK: As far as the Spicy goes…I just post the errata comments as they come in…I’m *planning* to go through everything this weekend and make sure as to what’s actually errors and what’s not…just heads up!

    On the BMC…I knit my sleeves flat and them seam them. You can use DPN, the “magic loop” deal, or whatever works for you.

    AND! You’re totally right, you can’t leave a comment on the errata page! I have “comments allowed” checked in my WordPress dashboard thing, but it doesn’t show up. I’m still learning. SO…keep leaving them in comments, I guess. Or email me. That’s less embarassing. (stefanie dot japel at gmail dot com)

    Thansk for the “along” links!!

  5. I can’t find a way to leave comments on the errata page, so I’ll ask here: For the Alexandra sweater (which I love! Thank you!) before separating the sleeves the final stich counts are 180 (192, 204, etc.) However, by my count the increas rounds increase the count by eight at a time, not twelve; where are the four extra stitches I’m missing? Thanks.

  6. Tried to submit the following Fitted Knits errata via e-mail to your gmail account but the messages kept getting bounced back:

    (1) For the Textured Tunic, I believe the set-up round for the side slits should read “[knit to marked st, purl marked st] twice” instead of “purl to marked st.” I haven’t started on this project yet–waiting on some backordered yarn–but have this habit of reading through patterns just to see how they are constructed. Am the same way with recipes in books, most of which I never end up making. (I don’t think that will be the case with these patterns though!)

    (2) In the “How to Fit Your Knits” section, the calculated example uses the wrong revised stitch count for the body (p. 15). The stitch total of 334 is correct but there should be 176 body stitches, not 172. Ditto for the section on waist shaping.

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