I just want to let you guys know that all of the errata for Interweave Knits (cabledown raglan) are handled through their website (here.)

They have a “contact us” link where you can let them know if you’re having any issues, and they’ll post the corrections.


New Pattern

Hi Guys!

I’m totally flooding you with patterns at the moment, I know! This is one I started back in November, and everything’s finally come together (remember all the third parties?) and it’s ready for release. Kits are available in all the Tilli colors, but I especially love the ones in the image below.


Back to the HAPPY!!

Isn’t it amazing what a little sleep, some nice reviews, and a darling FO can do??

This is what I believe to be the first FO from Fitted Knits!!


Let’s start a Fitted Knits Flickr group! YEah! That’d be cool. Add any FO photos, or progress photos…or eXpecially things you’re having trouble with…we can work through it together!

(Find the link at left!!)

PS: If you’re in any Glam Knits Knitalongs…let me know and I’ll a link to the sidebar. I think it’s helpful for people to see these discussions…and I like to peek in, too, to make sure everything’s going ok with the patterns.

ALSO! Please leave your comments about the errata on the errata page, that way everyone can see them in case I’m not at the emails one day. THANKS!

Growing Pains

I’ve been chatting with my peeps lately quite a bit. Feeling sorta weird about posting the other day that I’m having trouble handling the growth of this Glampyre Knits thing. Anyone with any business sense would never let on that they’re having growing pains…they’d just go along, smooth on the surface. But *I* just come out and say, “OK! This is more than I expected and I’m going NUTS!”

It’s not the extra work or the added orders that are driving me nuts, but the stress of not having everything go perfectly as planned on MY timeframe. (Speaking about all the 3rd-party involvements that go into it.) It’s coming together, though, and soon I’ll be sailing along like normal.

So many things have happened at this exact moment in time…that I’m caught offguard a little.

(And lovin’ every minute of it!)