Hello from Anaheim.

I got here last night at about 7, and the computers at the Hilton were not working, so didn’t actually get IN the room until about 10. My booth time wasn’t till 9:30 this morning, so it was ok. But you know how it is when you travel…all day is focused on just getting to the hotel. At frist, it was just a bunch of people in line. Then, they brought out drinks. Then a buffet. Then CHAIRS. When they brought out the chairs, everyone sort of gave up hope. I’m glad I had a book to read!

I’m reading “Running with Scissors.” If you need a book that isn’t stupid, but still makes you laugh…give it a try. I forgot my booK (“Women in Love” D.H. Lawrence) at home on the nightstand, so bought this in the airport. I was so relieved to see it among the Stephen Kings and all the Romances. It’s really compelling.


This is the view from my hotel room. That’s Disneyland…or Disneyworld…(I’m not a fan)…at night.

CHA is a lot bigger than TNNA. Walking around the show floor, it looks like all of the little displays at Michaels or Hobby Lobby blew up to jumbo size. This is where the craft shops come to order stuff to stock their shelves.

It’s interesting, as a crafy gal, because I get to see all this stuff and watch demos…but I’m not really into very many of these crafts. There’s a whole lot of scrap-booking stuff. Probably more than any other craft. I mean, I make books, and keep tickets to shows and art exhibitions, and put photos in there…but I don’t have a bunch of pre-made gear for it…I guess I’m pretty low-fi.
I’m sitting in the F&W booth for an hour and half every day, talking to passersby about my book.

After my ‘demo’ today, I stopped by the booth of a particular company that makes knitting needles and other fibery equipment. I specifically told the guy who came over to talk to me that I’m not a buyer, I’m just gawking at new stuff while I’m in between book-promo stints at the booth. (I don’t want anyone to waste time going through their whole spiel when I’m definitely NOT going to place the $1000 minimum order.) He asked me for my card, and asked me about me book, and then gave me a catalog and told me to contact them for samples to use, etc.. Then…as I was walking away, I heard his colleague say, “If she’s a designer, she’s not even supposed to BE at this show!” Huh. News to ME. I’m not walking around trying to get free stuff…just killing time, looking at pretty things. Oh well. Some people are just natural ‘enforcers.’

I *did* see/touch the new Organic Cotton yarn from Lion Brand. It’s really nice! They had a few garments knit up, and it really looks good and has a nice hand. The new Lion Cotton Ease colors are nice, too.


It’s Friday (TGIF, Mo’Fos!!) I know, I try to reign it in, but am not always successful. Today is one of those Fridays that, after creeeeping and crrrrrrrawling along aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall weeeeeeeeeeeek, I wake up and almost can’t believe it’s Fiiiiiiiiiinally Frrrrrrrriday.


I’m not sure what made this week seem so long. Was it the presentation I gave on Wednesday? Is is the impending trip to Anaheim on Saturday for CHA? Is it my growing To Do list? I swear, walking away from that To Do list is like walking away from a bunny cage. I come back and it’s multiplied and there are at least double the To Dos! WTF? Where did number 54 come from?

Most dreaded To Do item: Learn QuickBooks. Most dreaded follow-up: Organize receipts.

I was just reading Streets and YOs, and followed a link to these Built By Wendy sewing patterns. And then, of course, my mind goes…”Hey! I haven’t sewn more than a purse lining or curtain hem in YEARS! Maybe it’d be fun to try one of these shirts! (The long one on the far right).” Am I crazy? I don’t have time to SEW. I think someone at TNNA was wearing one of those shirts in the JCA booth…and it looks CUTE on real people, too. How long could it take to make? Three or four hours? Anyone made one already? Convince me that I need to do this.

What I really need to do today is get my calendar out and write every little thing in there. I’ve GOT to stop thinking I can just remember things. This’ll help me get over the sudden urge to take up sewing again, I’m sure.

Oh yeah! It’s raining again today. I almost don’t recognize the town that I live in! It’s grey, cold, slick, wet, and there’s snow on the mountains. I’m sure this contributes to my general malaise. NM is supposed to be SUNNY! But, ok, we need the moisture. Growing up in the Midwest, we always heard that when complaining about the weather. “We NEED rain for the crops to grow. We don’t want (insert relative, family friend, or whole town name here) to go bankrupt!” No, even I’m not THAT selfish.

OH! You know what I AM looking forward to?? The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!! I have a feeling that you just went, “what the ??” But this show is so cool. Meteorites, fossils, gems, minerals, beads, there are all sorts of side events, too. Like an African village that comes to sell beads and artwork. There are pow-wows and parties in the hotels, it’s really fun.

If you’re into rocks.

Which I am.

SHOW GOAL: find a meteorite that contains the stuff I studied during my PhD.

ARGH! Just realized: scheduling conflict!! Can’t go!!

One other thing I have to do that I’m dreading: Headshots. I have the hardest time with this. I have to take like 50 photos and then go back through and throw out the badhair ones and the fatface ones, and all of the crazyeye ones…it’s so hard. I hate it. Especially since I haven’t been exercising since my surgery, and have gained hmm-hmm (bignumber) pounds.

Dream in Color swatch

OK! So, I’ve got photos, finally, of the Dream in Color swatch:

ball_n_swatch.jpgI really like the fact that it doesn’t pool, and the colors are like ripples on water…there, but shifting. Pretty. AND…it matches my new site! This is going to make a nice, cozy sweater!

hank.jpg Here’s Harvery with the ball and swatch. Doesn’t our back yard look wild and overgrown? The “grass” (Bermuda grass that we thought was weeds when we first moved in) stayed green and kept growing well into December. Then, other winter weeds came in (those green tufts.) That dead-looking stick, right in front of the window, is a branch of a bush that IS still alive. Just not so green right now. Just before I took this picture, a wild grey and white Tom cat was stalking around outside. Harvey HATES it when other cats come into the yard. There’s one cat that’ll come up to the screen door and torment him at night. We wake every few nights to an awful howling, growling through-the-glass-door catfight. They even slap each other through the glass. harvey.jpg Laura and I have been talking, and soon we’ll have the RSS going, so you’ll see glampyre updates in your blogroll. We also want to get the comments figured out, it’s hard to naviagte and figure out where to sign up for the password, and then how to use it. Thanks for continuing to be patient as we get everything worked out!